The War in Ukraine: What is the United States Trying to Accomplish?

If readers think that a military victory in Ukraine can avoid a nuclear confrontation or that the removal of Vladimir Putin’s regime will usher in Russian leaders of any entirely different ilk, read again. The crisis has moved to a new level.

The Russia-Ukraine Crisis: It’s Time to Get the “Back Channels” Back

An escalating crisis in Ukraine makes it imperative that we restore key contacts between the United States and Russia. It’s time we realize that interacting with our adversary is not a sign of approval, it is a necessity. Nuclear powers, especially in this context, have responsibilities to ourselves and the rest of the world.

When the Followers Become Our Leaders

Reflection has brought me to one observation that both hurts and inspires. This year, as we grasped for signs of leadership and courage, it appeared that it came mostly from those in subordinate positions of power. And they had the most to lose.