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Lecture Requests

Susan Eisenhower, strategist and international affairs expert, is an award-winning author, frequent television news guest and distinguished lecturer. Ms. Eisenhower is President of the Eisenhower Group, Inc, which provides strategic counsel on political, business and public affairs projects and Chairman Emeritus of the Eisenhower Institute.

Whether speaking about Energy and Infrastructure, International Affairs, Leadership, Politics or other topics, Ms. Eisenhower tackles them from a strategic perspective and provides insight into organizational, political and leadership strategies from someone who has helped shape all three.

Susan Eisenhower has spoken at many diverse types of gatherings: from the nation’s most distinguished institutions such as Harvard to countless World Affairs Councils and corporate gatherings. She has also spoken to many expert audiences. For instance, she gave the Commandant’s Lecture at the Army War College in Carlisle, the Harry S. Truman Distinguished Lecture at Sandia National Laboratory, and she delivered the 2008 Rose Lecture at MIT in May. She has also given full speeches, by invitation, at other prominent places, such as the National Press Club, the Smithsonian Institution, the National Archives, the Hollywood Bowl, The French National Assembly, the Rotunda of the Capitol, and the White House, on two recent occasions.

For inquiries about speaking engagements only, please contact