Risk and Disruption

Dear Friends,

I would like to share with you the links to two of my recent public appearances which provide a more extensive view of my thoughts on the current international scenario.

The first is an interview conducted on March 30 with journalist Ben Cattaneo of the British-based podcast called All Things Risk. Here we explored some of the highest risk decisions made by General and President Dwight D Eisenhower during his military and political career. In the second half we looked at the short-term and long-term challenges associated with the United States and NATO allies’ current involvement in the war in Ukraine.

The second is a video recording of my participation in a round-table discussion entitled “The New MAD: Massive attacks of disruption” hosted on April 11 by the Scowcroft Center for Strategy and Security at the Atlantic Council. The purpose of the event was to evaluate and propose solutions to the current threats posed to our domestic and international security by the increasingly unstable interconnectedness of the world we live in today.

This event was presided over by Dr. Christopher Preble, co-director of the New American Engagement Initiative at the Scowcroft Center, and included Senior Advisor of the Atlantic Council Dr. Harlan Ullman, author of The Fifth Horseman and the New MAD; Admiral James Foggo, Dean of the Center for Maritime Strategy, Navy League of the United States, as well as Dr. Isabel Sawhill, Senior Fellow of Economics at the Brookings Institution.

I hope you will find the topics presented in both recordings highly relevant to thinking about the strategic implications of recent events.

All my best,

3 thoughts on “Risk and Disruption

  1. Wowza ! Thanks so much Susan for sharing your thoughts and these links today. Most folks are so unaware of the seriousness of the position we all are as a Global collective. You are appreciated.

  2. Dear Ms. Eisenhower. I’ m a Centrist Democrat who grew up a fan of your grandpa Ike he was the first president that i knew.As an adult I read several other books that made me appreciate his presidential year more…We all knew his military story. Your recent book “How Ike Led” is MOST important. You need to do another book tour, sorry.!! Not enough people know why Ike was important and why the GOP needs to find it’s way back to an “IKE wing of the party or something like that I believe that Mitt Romney represents that wing and that general view. Quite possibly Liz Cheney. although there is a lot that I don’t agree with her on BUT SHE IS A PATRIOT. Your grandpa was a patriot Reagan was a patriot. These strands must be pulled together and quickly. Because Democracy is on the Ropes especially here in the USA…..The Dems don’t seem to be up to messaging and Trumpists of the GOP who seem to dominate there are out to end Democracy. So, people need a refresher course on why IKE was important, why he ranks about #8 among the great presidents. They need to know ( as in the title of his book ) how he “Waged Peace”
    How he never villafied the other party or at least not often….We need an urgent refresher course on IKE and on Reagan, I didn’t always agree with him but he was a patriot..Wish i could say more I’m 73 and worried as hell about our country and democracy Ike unified us during the scary 50s SOMEBODY like that must unify us in these terrible 20s / Barry Katz

  3. Dear Ms. Eisenhower, I’m looking forward to these discussions you have provided links to. I am currently reading in
    How Ike Led about your grandfather’s challenges within his own party (re: Senator Joseph McCarthy), and I can’t help but note similarities to our current political extremism today. You book is well appreciated and I am giving a copy to each of my senior staff to gather leadership lessons learned from. CAPT Charles R. Reuning, CEC, USN (Prior Commanding Officer Camp David)

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