The Importance of Enduring Principles

Dear Friends,

This week I had the opportunity to speak to a group of young professionals, destined to become our society’s leaders. I made the point that they are living in an historic time. It may be that when we look back on this period we will see that the multiple crises we are facing today mark the end of the “old order.” So many of the assumptions we took for granted during the Cold War and post-Cold War world are now inadequate and outdated as we think through our next steps. Solid principles, however, endure. I urged this group to think creatively and to prepare themselves for the kind of leadership necessary for reshaping this new era. 

To aid in this thinking, by the end of the month I will launch my new commentary, The Longer View. In it, I will offer observations, stories, and strategic principles related to the critical importance of thinking for the “long haul.”

Until then, I would like to note the passing of former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright. I was fortunate to know her and to work with her. She will long be remembered as a dedicated public servant and an inspiration to so many women who want to play a key role in securing our nation’s national security. 

Sending you my best wishes,

PS For those who enjoy reading the archives, they will be available shortly through The Longer View. Those who receive email alerts for my “Dear Friends” commentary can still access the blogs by using the appropriate link.

6 thoughts on “The Importance of Enduring Principles

  1. Hello,

    You don’t mind Madeleine Albright saying the deaths of 500,000 Iraqi children was a price worth paying?

    Strange that you didn’t mention that.

    Regards, Dennis

  2. ~Let us fervently hope that non-Globalists will also have a seat at the table, coupled with a robust voice for these future discussions~


  3. Please be sure I get your Longer View email and thank you for all that you do. Christopher

  4. Looking forward to The Longer View,
    Especially your idea of the relevant Strategic Principles.

  5. Thank you for your thoughts as always and looking forward to this new column. Charles R. Reuning, CAPT, CEC, USN (Ret.), Prior Commanding Officer, Camp David

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