Susan Eisenhower Discusses Crisis in Crimea on The Diane Rehm Show

TheDianeRehmShow_logoThis morning, Susan Eisenhower appeared as a guest on WAMU’s The Diane Rehm Show to talk about the rapidly developing situation in Crimea, which has left the United States and Europe pitted against Russia in a standoff reminiscent of the Cold War era. In a segment titled “What’s Next For Russia’s Relations With The West,” guest host Frank Sesno and panelists discussed the consequences of Russia’s actions. Eisenhower was joined by Christian Caryl, senior fellow, Legatum Institute; James Goldgeier, Dean of the School of International Service at American University; and Jack Matlock, U.S. ambassador to the Soviet Union from 1987 to 1991. Listen to this morning’s broadcast on NPR’s website. 

One thought on “Susan Eisenhower Discusses Crisis in Crimea on The Diane Rehm Show

  1. You nailed the issue on the head when you asked a seminal question that goes to the root of this Crisis and many others-whether in Syria, Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, or Venezuela: when does a protest or agitation by a faction against a democratically elected government in any country rise to a level that warrant intervention by the US and the international community? or do we intervene anytime a bunch of disgruntled elements , because if we don’t set parameters we may be doing nothing more than rubber stamping a new form of Coup de tat staged by civilians.

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