Energy: Prosperity Through a New National Grid

Ms. Eisenhower’s visit to the West Virginia Roundtable was also covered by the Charleston Gazette:

Government agencies and private businesses must cooperate to build a new national grid to transmit electricity – generated by diverse sources – efficiently and effectively across the nation.

That’s from Susan Eisenhower, chairwoman of the Eisenhower Strategy Forum, which counsels some of the nation’s biggest companies about energy.

“It will help to bring America not only into the 21st century, but into a new era of prosperity,” Eisenhower said.

“Our new president has an array of astonishing, and often frightening, challenges,” she added “Building an electric grid will provide American jobs.”

Building a national “green grid” is also an opportunity to help the national economy.

“And we cannot continue to move electricity – generated by coal, oil, gas, nuclear and renewables – without this. Our future depends on access to all these resources.”

Click here to read the article.

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