Swords into Ploughshares

Yesterday, American officials and their Russian counterparts marked the end of the Megatons to Megawatts program with the last shipment of Low Enriched Uranium (LEU) from Russia to the United States.

Why the Grid matters: Visiting American Electric Power

For nearly ten years I have been involved in nuclear energy issues, and I have always found value in taking field trips, traveling to the places that have direct relevance to the issues. I have visited nuclear reactors in the United States, France and Russia, as well as a nuclear reprocessing plant in France. IContinue reading “Why the Grid matters: Visiting American Electric Power”

Energy: Modernize to Meet an Increasing Demand

Susan Eisenhower spoke at Kansas University about the need for a modern electricity grid. She was quoted in the Lawrence Journal: During a visit to Kansas University Thursday, Susan Eisenhower said that the United States needs to upgrade its electrical infrastructure to take advantage of renewable energy forms…. Eisenhower said the nation needs to focusContinue reading “Energy: Modernize to Meet an Increasing Demand”

Investing in a strategy for America

Just over a month has passed since the inauguration of Barack Obama. During this time top level jobs in the administration are being filled and an historic stimulus package has been passed. It is not clear what the impact these economic measures will have, but many experts insist that the size and scope of theContinue reading “Investing in a strategy for America”