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Which Icon are We?

At the core of much that ails us is a profound question that has been largely ignored.

The Enduring Power of Experience and Hope

On Christmas day, the world lost one of the giants of the ecology and climate field. Dr. Tom Lovejoy managed to unite his many years of rigorous scientific research on biodiversity with climate activism, while giving back to his family and friends. I was inspired by both his work and his friendship.

Reflections on the Christmas Truce

As we near the end of the year, there is reason to reflect on other times of hardship and dislocation. We have reasons to seek perspective and to ponder, with gratitude, the many people today who are seeking to find the humanity in our unresolved problems.

The Passing of an Era

As America mourns the death of former Senator Bob Dole, he is now counted among the recent passing of other giants of an earlier time. Though gone, they still tell us much about what has changed in our hyper-politicized country and what we should aspire to.


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