A Dialogue on Energy Security with America’s Business Leaders

On May 13, 2009, Susan Eisenhower delivered remarks and hosted a panel at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Institute for 21st Century Energy as part of “A Dialogue on Energy Security with America’s Business Leaders.” Ms. Eisenhower was joined by three regional business leaders for the panel discussion: Robert “Bobby” Wegener, Secretary of Energy, StateContinue reading “A Dialogue on Energy Security with America’s Business Leaders”

Examining The Media-Military Relationship

  In May, Susan Eisenhower moderated a panel at the first Civilian-Military Safe Havens Conference in Pocantico Hills, New York. The conference was organized by The Eisenhower Project and The Open Society Institute in collaboration with members of the Department of Social Sciences, United States Military Academy at West Point. General John J. Sheehan andContinue reading “Examining The Media-Military Relationship”

Susan Eisenhower honored at The Virginia Military Institute

Since 1996, The Virginia Military Institute’s Department of International Studies has presented the Distinguished Diplomat Award to someone who has had a lifelong commitment to serving his or her country in the area of foreign affairs. Past award winners have included Ambassador Jean Kirkpatrick, ex-Director of the CIA James Woolsey, and Senator Lee Hamilton.  Continue reading “Susan Eisenhower honored at The Virginia Military Institute”

Comments on the President’s First Overseas Trip

In the wake of President Barack Obama’s first overseas trip, Susan Eisenhower and Steve Clemons were interviewed together on Sky News. Steve wrote about the interview on his blog, The Washington Note: Susan Eisenhower and I were interviewed outdoors today atop a building overlooking the Capitol by Sky News on the subject of Obama’s tripContinue reading “Comments on the President’s First Overseas Trip”

Energy: Modernize to Meet an Increasing Demand

Susan Eisenhower spoke at Kansas University about the need for a modern electricity grid. She was quoted in the Lawrence Journal: During a visit to Kansas University Thursday, Susan Eisenhower said that the United States needs to upgrade its electrical infrastructure to take advantage of renewable energy forms…. Eisenhower said the nation needs to focusContinue reading “Energy: Modernize to Meet an Increasing Demand”