Why I Am Endorsing President Barack Obama

Four years ago, I left the Republican Party of which I was a lifelong member and became an independent. Not long after, I supported Barack Obama in the 2008 election for president. I made this decision determined to look at the issues not as a Republican or a Democrat, but as an American.

It is through that lens that I consider my choice in the 2012 election. Like many other voters who crossed party lines to vote for Barack Obama in the last election, I have watched the 2012 campaign carefully and listened closely to what the candidates have said. I believe that President Obama should be re-elected.

Very few American presidents have been truly prepared to assume that job. Four years ago, Obama, a relatively inexperienced public servant, became the 44th President of the United States during one of the most difficult times our country has faced. The nation’s economy was on the brink of collapse. Our image overseas was tarnished, and our military was bogged down in two unpopular wars. I supported Obama then because I thought that he was unflappable. I saw him as a man with a keen intellect and a cool analytical head. I believed he would also be able to inspire those who had suffered most from a recession unparalleled since the Great Depression. In doing so, I reasoned, he would go a long way towards reuniting a nation deeply divided.

Obama was elected and took office, building on a number of stabilization programs initiated by the Bush administration. He took many other vital steps that reestablished our economic footing, including saving America’s automobile industry.

In the last four years, and despite the global downturn, America has come back from the brink. While pain is still being felt in far too many sectors of the economy, from a macroeconomic standpoint the situation in the United States is better than it is among our allies. According to the International Monetary Fund, today the United States is poised for 3 percent growth, which would make our economy the strongest of the other richest economies, including Canada and Germany. Other influential studies, cited in a recent column by Fareed Zakaria, show that debt in the U.S. financial sector, relative to GDP, has declined to levels not seen since before the 2000 bubble. And consumer confidence is now at its highest levels since September 2007. The housing market is also slowly coming back. While there is still an enormous amount to do to assure a recovery, the president deserves credit for a steady hand during this dangerous and unpredictable time.

In the last four years, President Obama has also had to contend with a rapidly changing international environment. He ended the war in Iraq, was the first Democratic president to ratify an arms control treaty with the Russian Federation, and rallied global leaders to put nuclear security at the top of the international agenda. The Obama Administration has also been responsible for decimating the top leadership of al-Qaeda and introducing biting sanctions on Iran. Today the president has significant experience in managing foreign relations, experience that GOP candidate Mitt Romney and his running mate, Paul Ryan, do not have.

As a result of this campaign I am more confused than ever about what Mitt Romney stands for. I know little of his core beliefs, if he even has any. No one seems to agree on what they are, and that’s why I do not want to take a chance on finding out.

Given Romney’s shifting positions, he can only be judged by the people with whom he surrounds himself. Many of them espouse yesterday’s thinking on national defense and security, female/family reproductive rights, and the interplay of government and independent private enterprise. In this context, Barack Obama represents the future, not that past. His emphasis on education is an example of the importance he places on preparing rising generations to assume their places as innovators and entrepreneurs, workers and doers, and responsible citizens and leaders. He recognizes, as many of us do, that access to opportunities must be open to every American, regardless of race, ethnicity, or socioeconomic status. This is not an entitlement, but a sound investment in the future.

Barack Obama’s record as president has not been perfect, and there have been frustrations for all of us during this time. Nevertheless, I believe that he deserves four more years in the White House. If the voters on November 6 give him that chance, we should expect and demand, if necessary, that members of both parties work closely with him to find a way to avert the “fiscal cliff” and other pressing and possibly destabilizing problems.

As I said in 2008 and will say again: “Unless we squarely face our challenges as Americans—together– we risk losing the priceless heritage bestowed on us by the sweat and the sacrifice of our forbearers. If we do not pull together, we could lose the America that has been an inspiration to the world.”

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  1. Thank you for giving our President such a wonderful endorsment.I applaud your courage.Back in the 1950’s an Eisenhower who was a minister had dinner with our family in a small log cabin in Homer Alaska.I was told he was a relative of our President Eisenhower.I was just a baby, but my older sisters were very excited.By the way,both of my parents were Democrats.

  2. Excellently written article Susan and it is so true. I really wish people would stop being blinded by their prejudices and open their eyes to the truth. If more people did, this race would not even be close. Obama/Biden 2012 – Let’s move this country Forward!

  3. Thanks for the kind words. I find it fascinating how Romney says he will regain the respect of the world that Obama lost. Meanwhile, a recent survey of foreign countries were unanimous in supporting Obama except for one country…Pakistan. Do you think it’s because of Bin Laden?

  4. I grew up in a VERY Democratic home and continued to vote Democrat until the ACLU dug its claws into the very heart of what made the Democrats a truly admirable, honorable, hard-working American party. The Democratic party no longer represents me and my work ethic based background and upbringing. Lobbying for MORE entitlements and more free-rides for more folk who somehow have the idea that America OWES them something beyond the OPPORTUNITY to make something of themselves has forced me out the Democratic door and out into the alley of the Hybrid. I am socially liberal, but I am now fiercely fiscally conservative. I am not a fan of Romney by any means, but I will vote for him based on his lifelong experience with finances. If we don’t turn around our economy very quickly, all the other issues I see posted in here are moot..there won’t BE an America left to bitch about. I have flown all over America the last 5 years doing business, and my direct observation tells me that unemployment is closer to 20%..and small businesses have died like flies in the summer sun. It is sad to see what this presidency has done to the heartland of America..and sadder still to see so many still blindly flying the flag of what they WISHED to be true, not the reality of how things really are. So..I think you folks are going to get your wish and your way. I think Mr. Obama WILL be re-elected..by the blind, who see themselves as visionaries..by the green terrorists, who portray themselves as the children of Gaia..and mostly by the neo-Roman mob, who have finally learned that they are now the majority and can vote themselves all the free cell phones, food stamps, medical care, free/reduced housing, free counseling, college grants..and the list goes on and on. God help us working folk..there just aren’t enough of us left to carry the load.

  5. You want citations? Here they are, but you probably have blinders on and refuse to read:

    RE: 8% unemployment for Mr. Obama’s entire term
    Nope, not true: The Guardian is a non-partisan publication in the UK, they have no stake in US politics, states that the nation was at 8.2% when Obama took office, it is now 7.8%.

    RE: Justice Dept dropped charges against the New Black Panthers
    True, but seems justified. The whole “scandal” was instigated by J. Christian Adams, a right-wing activist tied to the Bush-era politicization of the Justice Department, can you prove that there was no political motive for this? Just poisoning the well would suffice. After all, the appearance of guilt is just as effective as true guilt in terms of killing reputations.

    RE: Fast and Furious and the DOJ
    Unknown YET. That is an ongoing investigation, you have to wait for the outcome before you can really know for sure, at least legally. But if it is true, know that F&F started during the Bush administration, and it is not unknown for a government agency to go rogue and try to complete its original charter even if a new administration comes into office. As a people manager myself, I know that you can’t always know everything the people who report to you are doing. I only have 5 people report to me; can’t imagine what it’s like to have thousands… Regarding the Mexican government not knowing, remember we have an adversarial relationship with Mexico. After NAFTA, Mexico had a reasonable expectation that the free movement over borders would include all kinds of capital, including human capital, and the safe travel of Mexican nationals into US territory should have occurred. But the US is persecuting “illegal” Mexican aliens. Their people are dying daily just trying to get into our country, that is embarrassing for Mexico. If there was an agreement in place, whereby they allow one evil (allowing one cartel the guns) to take place to wipe out a dozen other evils (use those guns to get rid of other cartels), that is something governments deal with on a daily basis. And if things go awry, they can always disavow. If you’re going to talk about people dying, how about all those poor Mexicans who are dying by taking desperate measures to get into the US? The numbers are probably a 1000x the number of people who died in F&F. Not that a single life isn’t important, but don’t talk about some lives as if they are sacred when your rhetoric allows others to die for no good reason.

    RE: Dream Act
    FALSE. The Dream Act was never instituted by Obama, he only announced that his admin would stop deporting young undocumented immigrants who match certain criteria proposed under the DREAM Act. It’s a matter of reading the material to understand what’s happening here, you can’t rely on soundbytes from your preferred media supplier. Put in the work and read, please.

    RE: Gibson Guitar
    True, but justified. They circumvented international law to get their hands on ebony and rosewood, knowingly purchased poached stock purchased thru India. Tea-Party activists have criticized the DOJ’s use of the Lacey Act, but they are entitled to use any legal means to support their case. If Romney can use legal means to shield his capital from taxes, then the DOJ can use legal means to seize illegal goods from Gibson.

    RE: GM Union vs. Preferred-Stock Holders
    If you mean, did Obama allow GM to survive at the cost to the owners of the company (shareholders), allowing the workers to keep jobs and continue to pay taxes, thereby helping the Detroit/Michigan economy which is sadly depressed, as well as keeping a base of workers who are paying Federal taxes, then that is true. But this is also true: Any shares those shareholders kept will bounce back in value as GM is posting profits now. If they sold, well, stock prices are never guaranteed, are they? I guess they were Bears, assuming the stock would not rebound, and they paid for their Bearish ways. It’s always a gamble.

    Ad hominem works both ways. You cited NOTHING, yet expect other people to do your work for you.

  6. It is refreshing to see such an articulate piece at a time when rage, hyperbole, fabrication, just down-right silliness seem to be fueling the debate.

    Being a middle-of-the-road kind of guy, I would like to see a similar – dispassionate, non-hyperbolic, reasoned – editorial or blog post in support of the challenger. I don’t hang out on the right-wing side of Facebook, so I really can’t say I’ve actively pursued that little quest.

    While I am squarely in the President’s camp on this one, I think the Republicans have done an outstanding job of slowing recovery under his watch to a crawl. I believe this fella sums it up the best: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W-A09a_gHJc If Mr. Romney wins, it will, in no small part be because of this attitude and resultant strategy.

  7. I cant vote for Obama for one simple reason. He diminishes freedom by espousing collectivist economic policies time and time again.The result in each case will be a disaster. In a few years time if Obamacare is not vanquished it will be a challenge to find a doctor if you are old or poor. Many doctors will simply quit and pursue other avenues that are less restrictive and better paying. Their will be fewer new doctors coming online since their is no incentive for them to study and subject themselves to internship for so little pay. Can you imagine the frivolity of Nancy Pelosi when she says we have to pass a 2500 page bill with a few hours notice that will fundamentally change the way a patient and doctor contract with each other so we can find out what’s in it? The auto bailout is heading for disaster as well and was nothing more than a union payoff for influence and future votes. Meanwhile bond holders were stripped of their legal rights to funds they were due. Stealing from producers and “spreading the wealth around” to those who will simply fritter it away for short term political benefit is a course for doom and we are headed for it. Finally : printing vast quantities of money, again for short term political benefit is perhaps the cruelest trick of all in his bag of horrors. The inflation that will inevitably become real is a huge tax on the poor and middle class that will dwarf any of the myriad tax increases he already has in the pipeline. Blaming Bush and doubling down on incompetence is no substitute for a policy. I can only see one alternative and it is not Mitt Romney. Some one who would stand head and shoulders over both of the mainstream choices is Gov Gary Johnson. He understands what the Presidents role should be and his credentials and real world experience are vastly better than either Obama or Romney. I invite everyone reading this column to look at his campaign and seriously think what such a man would do for America.

  8. Talking out of both sides of your mouth???
    “Four years ago, Obama, a relatively inexperienced public servant, became the 44th President of the United States during one of the most difficult times our country has faced.”

    Obama had the SAME experience if not less than Romney. Romney at least had business experience over-seas. On a second note read this quote and weep …..

    “The fact that we are here today to debate raising America’s debt limit is a sign of leadership failure. It is a Sign that the US Government cannot pay its own bills. It is a sign that we now depend on ongoing financial assistance from foreign countries to finance our Government’s reckless fiscal policies. …Increasing America’s debt weakens us domestically and internationally. Leadership means that ‘the buck stops here’. Instead, Washington is shifting the burden of bad choices today onto the backs of our children and Grandchildren. America has a debt problem and a failure of leadership. Americans deserve better.”


    SO what about Obama that you endorse – without embarrassing yourself and Ike’s reputation?

  9. The GOP, in the past 10 years, has lost participation in almost EVERY demographic segment, with one exception – over 65-year old frequent church goers. This fact was established by none other than the Gallup organization after a study lasting from 2001-2009. This is as much of a statement that has to be made about the changing state of the GOP, a statement that will never be seen through the jaded glasses of today’s loyal GOP members who see all the failures of the other side, both real and imagined, and have no means whatsoever of self-reflection, correction or, most importantly, the ability to govern through cooperative problem solving.

    Simply imagine a dozen Democratic lawmakers meeting on none other than Inauguration Night, to conceive and plot obstruction, and the demise of an incoming Republican president.

    Simply imagine a major liberal media figure stating to his listeners about this incoming Republican president, ‘…we want him to fail..’.

    Imagine a Democratic Senate minority leader stating that his number one priority, and that of is his party, is to deny the new president a second term.

    Imagine a president reaching a milestone in his first year, better even than legendary arm-twister Lyndon Johnson, a 96.7% rate in winning congressional votes on issues where he took a position, according to the Congressional Quarterly. The previous high scores were held by Lyndon Johnson in 1965, with 93 percent, and Dwight Eisenhower, who scored 89 percent in 1953. George W. Bush’s score hit the high 80s in 2001, the year of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center

    Now, imagine all of this while he, and his family, are experiencing a 400% increase in death threats over his predecessor.

    Susan Eisenhower is quite simply a microcosm of this ongoing defection that will eventually see the party as a shadow of it’s former, somewhat imaginary, self.

  10. Very well stated and I agree with Susan Eisenhower. I am a Proud American. I will be voting on November 6th, 2012 to re-elect President Barack Obama.
    Also to add that in 2008 I did cast my vote then for Barack Obama. Part of my daily prayers are for this country to work together for the good of all people, not to hold up progress because of what party or team had the idea. Work for the good of all. Lets see how that could work for all of us. Do not waste time taking insults towards the President Of Your Country. For all politicians, get the jobs done, you are paid too much to begin with… In everyones opinion, so get down to the jobs at hand. May we have peace in our hearts.

  11. Thank you for such an articulate, thoughtful and intelligent endorsement Ms. Eisenhower. I totally agree with your comments and will be voting for President Obama.

  12. As a brit, I don’t understand fully America’s political stances, but I have a lot of American friends, so I have been trying to educate myself. This is an incredibly well written and fair statement I have seen during the political campaign and I think it’s brilliant. I will certainly be sharing it via my social media sites. Just in case you missed it the first time I am a Brit, so my opinion doesn’t matter at all 😉 BUT I have to say if Britain could vote the majority would go Obama’s way. All we know of Mitt is he’s insults other countries and he can’t make a decision. The trolling tactics by some republicans via the internet has been exhausting and false or as Mitt says FACT! but I would like to so Thank you for a well educated piece on your election. I wish America all the best in the clean up of ‘Sandy’ and with your upcoming elections. Peace be with you

  13. Thank you for standing up for what you beleive in. I never paid any attention to poltics for many years and when I did, I felt that both parties were working for the good of the country. Clinton years woke me up and I saw how the Republican party would not let hime govern and acted as though only they should be in power. Others were all unAmerican to them. They have not allowed Obama to govern either. Every thing they were for before, now they are all against. They had a meeting on the day Obama was taking his oath as the president to make sure that they will make him a one term president. This while the country was taking a plunge. No, there number one concern was not to save the country from the disaster. Obamacare was something they all wanted for earlier. Now comes Romney with lies rolling out of his mouth. I am not going into all of them except this simple example. When asked about equal pay for equal work Romney said that when he became a governor he noticed the lack of women in the Governor’s office and asked many associations to find his binders full of women. There was a women’s group that had the binder and asked the candidates to take a pledge that they will hire more women and the candidates from both the parties took the pledge. Romney kept the pledge for the first 2 years then the last 2 years the percentage of women became lower than when he took office. How easily he is able to relate a false story is amazing.
    What has Obama done? Inspite of the record number of fillibusters and do nothing congress he has 1) Saved the auto industry and all the other businesses that depend on them. 2) Saved wall street 3) Passed Health care so that millions of Americans will be taken care of and not depend on ER as the sole source. 4) Ended war in Iraq 5) Will get us out of Afghanisthan 6)Got Osama Bin Laden 7) Liberated Libya without wasting money and life 8) 27 countries when asked would prefer Obama as our president except Pakisthan. 9) Cut administrative cost from medicare theu extending medicare. 10) Repealed don’t ask don’t tell. Consumer confidence in increasing, unemployed numbers are decreasing some manufacturing is returning and housing market is improving and ther is a forecast for 3%GDP growth.
    Those who blame Obama should look at what was going on in this country in 2008. The depression contiued till 2009.
    Oh! don’t forget the 47% remark.

  14. To which Kool-Aid are you referring to? Is it the beverage served by the Tea Party and Fox News? Because I think that’s what you’ve been drinking my friend. Thanks to our President,there are millions of children who have health care that didn’t before. That’s children – who Mitt and the GOP would prefer to see sick and dying on the broken system we have now – which they are keen to perpetuate. Our economy while not robust is rebounding. And all this while the Republicans have literally attempted to sabotage him for the sake of party politics, voting down jobs bill after jobs bill, holding the nation hostage over debt ceilings that Republican presidents had increased dozens of times before – all so they could keep the president from ending tax cuts for the wealthy that were always supposed to have been temporary. What do you think Ike would say about lily-livered politicians who put their own party’s political agenda ahead of the good of the nation, to put partisanship before alleviating the suffering of the people they’re supposed to serve? Seems to me he wouldn’t have much regard for those sorts.

    I’m in agreement with Ms Eisenhower. Let’s give this president a second term and the support to get the job done properly; let him address the issues of ending our dependence on foreign oil, addressing carbon reduction so that our descendants might have a livable planet,continue to fight terrorism and bring its proponents to justice or to their graves. And of course continute to help stimulate our economy back to where it belongs.

  15. Ms. Eisenhower, it is very simple to analyze WHY certain Republicans will NOT acknowledge the truth.. I hear it, in private, ALL the time, because I dress conservatively, have a “bankers'” haircut, and speak the Kings’ English, they think I am a card-carrying Republican….The bigoted, scandalous, unfactual comments they make about Obama are amazing!!. They NEVER make the racist comments in public, but rather throw smoke and mirrors, like Jello on a wall, hoping that SOMETHING will stick. They are racists, and they are bigots, and they VOTE. I only hope, for the sake of the country, that there are more of US, than there are, of THEM…..

  16. I live in the U K and take an interest in what happens in the world. I think Obama is the best man for President. I was not sure when he was first elected, but he has proved worthy of the confidence shown in him.

  17. In what ways has Obama been “disappointing”? In saving the auto industry? In helping students with loans? In HCR? In re-establishing America as a respectful place (and not a den of “cowboy diplomacy”?)

    The current Congress, upon being elected by us, stated suddenly that “Job #1 is to ensure this POTUS is a single-term POTUS” and have done nothing since but throw roadblocks into his path. Yet he still has managed to govern effectively.

    Benghazi outrage? Where is the outrage over 3000+ deaths of our children in Iraq?

  18. I haven’t seen the POTUS drive a wedge, I’ve seen the current Congress do so. “Job #1 is to unseat this POTUS” said Mitch McConnell after the mid-terms.

    Really, Mitch? And I thought that was MY job. YOUR job was to go to Washington DC and act on our behalf. If we’re unhappy or dissatisfied with whomever is in the Oval office, we’ll take care of it. Constitution gave us that right and we’ll exercise it, thank you.

    As much as I’m looking forward to seeing Obama gain his second term I’m more looking to see the do-nothing’s in Congress get the boot. I will keep voting toward that end.

  19. Ma’m I too, a Kansas life long Republican chose Barack Obama in 2008. I could not be more pleased with his efforts! His integrity, his desire to make us a part of what’s happening but talking to us as the equals we are, those qualities made 2012 the very first year I ever entered a campaign as a volunteer.

    When I choose a person to whom I will delegate the responsiblity of running our nation, I choose someone who is open and honest and willing to do the work. But I also understand that by delegating, I allow decisions to be made for me, not by me. And therefore I cannot complain.

    But I can vote and have already voted for President Barack Obama!

  20. Dear Susan, Thank you for so eloquently stating that which I have been ranting about for some time now! You rock!

  21. Susan great work u have done to report much truth, thank u very much and u know we can’t please everyone some people have on blinders and only see what they choose to see, no the president has not done everything right and neither did the other 43 president I didn’t hear any complaints about them, hello. Go President!!

  22. I life long Democrat here an I voted for Obama the first time, but cannot vote for him again never…. Pres. Obama, …just not care for the average American…..the American that is hurting in just trying to make it everyday( working harder for less money) It seems that Pres. Obama has a lot in common with with Pres. Eisenhower both loved and played a lot of golf…as the world was hurting…….I believe you need to get out of your “Ivory Tower” Susan….an looking at your history you have a lot in common with Obama…..have you every had a “real job”? Where you worked for someone else? Just wondered.

  23. Thank you for such an even-minded presentation of your position. Very well said. Thank you for being a voice for women. I am sharing this on my FB page.

  24. Amazingly great and objective. The earlier we grab the voice of the wise, the better for our America. Jesus is Lord.

  25. We should keep the “choice” perspective in mind. Romney/Ryan is infected by Ayn Rand “selfishness principle.” Ryan was an Ayn Rand disciple until he realized it would kill his political career so he recanted. But the philosophy endures.

  26. Great article Susan! Thanks for your candid, reasoned,and thoughtful post describing critical thinking regarding our political choices at present. I agree with you. xxoo Ellen Carroll
    Wordpress did not seem to take my first post-if both show up I apologize!!

  27. Susan, this is really such a vague representation of what has happened. First of all I judge people by their actions more than what they say. Politics has become so shady with the media interpreting everything one says etc. But what a person does is so much more telling. You seem to ignore that in your analysis. I come from IL where I know first hand how little then Senator Obama did for the state. I don’t think he even introduced one bill while he was a sitting senator. He is a great speaker and massaged that 2004 speech into his political ambitions. Romney on the other had has a track record, he had done things that show his ability to adapt to challenging climates. He has shown his morale value with his family and life choice from what I can see. Romney has a positive track record in politics and business. And I think we need a good businessman in office now to right our impending financial burdens. The funny thing is that Obama has spent so much money and our taxed won’t see the impact until 2014 well after the election. Very shrewd move and I am surprised more people are not cognizant of where we are financially. I don’t believe we can take four more years of the same deferred spending. My vote will be for the Romney/Ryan ticket as I believe fiscal responsibility is in order for our nation. Our nation needs to be run like any other responsible household and I do mean that. Romney is one whom I trust as he does not need a political agenda, he does not need politics.. he chose it over his own financial gain to give back. I like that about him as well. Much like the conversion of Bill Gates from cut throat businessman to philanthropist and humanitarian. We need to think about motive as well. All this adds up, the past, the works of a man and his motivations. The clear choice is not more of the same. All the best!

  28. Dwight Eisenhower put patriotism above party. A Democrat in his youth, he eventually became a moderate Republican who worked with people in both parties for the good of our common nation.

    I have no doubt he’d be proud to see his granddaughter following that tradition.

  29. Susan Eisenhower is not a middle class American. Therefore, she, as a member of elite society, can hungarily look forward to President Obama’s socialist government. I have to acknowledge that Gov. Romney, should he attain the White House as President, will also benefit the higher echelon of our society. I do not understand her concern about the outcome of this election, nor why she feels she must make her choice a public matter.

  30. Your perception of this president seems to be incorrect he has no record to speek about. The only thing he did on the last four years is pass OBAMA care which the majority of the American people did not want. My medical pris continue to increase and Gas prices are through the roof not to mention food. I suppose we should blame Bush for that as well. What about Bebghazi? What kind of policy , lies lies lies? Give him another 4 years,for what? To degrade America even more ? I vote for ROMNEY/RYAN a real president

  31. Linda Perkins said “the Democratic Party [has] gone so far left, the people who were dems years ago do not even recognize it.”

    Note that she does not supply any specifics. This is because she can’t. With the exception of gay rights, the Democratic Party has remained in place or shifted right over the past several decades. Even on healthcare, the 2009-10 push for a national health system was nothing Democrats hadn’t been calling for since FDR’s time, and the bill they actually passed resembled the proposals of the conservative Heritage Foundation (and Mitt Romney’s health care efforts in Massachusetts) much more than it does European-style systems. On issues like welfare and gun control, the Democratic party has moved to the right — Obama signed a bill allowing for concealed carry in national parks, for instance.

    Serious leftists in the United States are deeply frustrated with Obama and the Democrats. They see the country divided between increasingly hard-line right-wing Republicans and a Democratic party that is cautiously center-left on social issues and increasingly centrist on economic matters. If the Democrats were still so leftist, why weren’t there massive New Deal style job programs like the old CCC, WPA, etc. put into effect? Because the Dems are much more private-sector oriented than in the old days, that’s why.

  32. Easterntiger- Well written & said. My hope? There are young moderate GOP folks out here-Mccain’s daughter for one- getting ready to take over. I raised my kids in Newport Beach Ca-home to some of the MOST extreme right wing GOP-their kids are not following them into the GOP-so I have hope that the GOP moderates will rise after all the ashes are swept away.

  33. Very well said, Susan and I agree 100%. Too many people look at the so-called “failures” and not at how the country has progressed since President Obama was elected. He definitely has my vote again. Thank you so much for this!

  34. I agree, our president has the toughest presidency term since the the Great Depression. I feel four more years, will allow him and his administration more time to move this country forward.

  35. I STILL LIKE IKE… After visiting the Dwight D. Eisenhower Presidential Museum in Abilene, Kansas this summer, I too was moved by IKE’s service to others above party. I am also quite sure he would be proud to see his granddaughter Susan, following that example.

  36. I voted against Bush mostly due to the war in Iraq, I know for certain that Eisenhower our greatest President would object strongly to Obama’s DRONE attacks & foreign policy which is an utter failure. What would Ike think of Benghazigate?? we are in more wars with Obama, I find the support of Obama ridiculous all the people I know who voted Democrat are voting for Romney recently ran into a disabled Marine who was a Democrat he is voting for Romney. What disappoints me more then anything else is the hypocrisy behind Obama supporters. WE have killed too many civilians in the middle east. We have supported Al-Qaeda in Libya. I supported Ron Paul he seems to have gotten it all right from the onset.
    Sorry but but my Father a life long Democrat voted For Eisenhower, He knows that Ike would never ever approve of Obama’s Presidency. Just Partisan Politics using the great Generals name!

  37. Obviously Susan has NOT been to Iraq very very bad there now. also we have a military base bigger then the Vatican there. This guy has bombed more countries then anyone LIBYA PAKISTAN SOMALIA AFGHANISTAN SYRIA he targets civilians!! The Huffington post stated Bush was Bush lite compared to Obama. He is known as the DRONE KING, Iraq is under control of Alqaeda.. Libya is also under control of ALQAEDA!! Egypt THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD, which Obama funded. Hey we are broke. Obama is the worst President in our History this is just plain hypocrisy Ambassador Stevens and the 3 Navy Seals are Dead due to this Presidents inability to lead or take responsibility, Sorry this Democrat will vote Romney!

  38. Citogal, thanks for your response. I don’t have time to address it all right now (work), but the unemployment numbers are simply too obvious to pass up. You contend that the the unemployment numbers were 8.2 when Mr. Obama took office and have dropped to 8.2%.

    According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics:

    Year Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Annual
    2009 7.8 8.3 8.7 8.9 9.4 9.5 9.5 9.6 9.8 10.0 9.9 9.9
    2010 9.7 9.8 9.8 9.9 9.6 9.4 9.5 9.6 9.5 9.5 9.8 9.4
    2011 9.1 9.0 8.9 9.0 9.0 9.1 9.1 9.1 9.0 8.9 8.7 8.5
    2012 8.3 8.3 8.2 8.1 8.2 8.2 8.3 8.1 7.8

    (I hope the formatting holds.)

    If you ignore the convenient “snafu” of CA not reporting their numbers on time to make it in the last report, I can hardly see this as a rousing endorsement for Mr. Obama’s economic policies.


    These numbers also seriously under play the magnitude of the problem, with so many people who have ceased looking and not collecting unemployment any more,

    Also worth noting, there are now 43 million people on food stamps as compared to 26 million when Mr. Obama took office.

    Evidently that is not good enough. Now the FDA has published a helpful pamphlet with tips on the correct psychology and proper approach for enticing baby boomers and seniors into the program. Here are a few such tips:

    Boomers view themselves as young and vibrant and typically won’t respond to anything aimed at “seniors.” Resist using this label and other age-related expressions, like “golden years.”

    Immigrants represent 17 percent of all Baby Boomers. Connect with communities and organizations that serve immigrant and non-English-speaking households.

    It even encourages local SNAP workers not to despair if the people they reach out to aren’t eligible.

    Boomers also find themselves as “card carrying” members of the sandwich generation—providing for older adult parents while taking care of children at home. Place information in venues that they normally visit, like the grocery store or pharmacy often live alone, and don’t waiting area. They might not be eligible but may know of someone who is.

    Click to access SNAP_SpecPop_ReachingSeniors.pdf

    The Obama economy is a disaster by these metrics alone, and that does not even take into account the dismal growth rates.

    Gotta run. Maybe more later …

  39. I wish to totallly disagree!!!!!!!!!!!! I intend to keep my Republican membership, and will vote for Romney/Ryan on Tuesday…as will many other Alaskans! Judy Moerlein

  40. Would you consider taking out some ads, either on TV/radio or in print, stating this endorsement? Please please please…your good name could help secure a second term.

  41. I thank you soo very much for this thoughtful analysis of the past 4 years….
    It has been very difficult to explain to colleagues, who seem poised to vote Republican because that’s the way their parents always voted, how the party has changed….and how the fiscal and personal values they project will send us back 40-50 years. I’ve often told those younger than I that I vote the way I do because of my life experiences. We cannot afford a tax without plans for increased revenue, and we certainly can’t support the attack on women’s health. Thank you Susan!

  42. Really Susan, really! Try something for yourself: get a piece of paper, draw a line down the middle and on the left side at the top of the paper write the words “What did the Prseident accomplish while in office”, and on the other side write the words “What what do you wish he had accomplished while in office”. Be truthful because only you will see this paper. See which column has the most entries. By the way, lowering his golf handicap doesn’t count.

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