The Eisenhower Group, Inc.


For thirty years The Eisenhower Group, Inc. (EGI) has helped leaders at corporations, trade associations, academic institutions and non-profit organizations develop strategies and leadership skills that enable them to prosper and expand in a fast-changing global environment. 

Marshaling critical facts, gaining insights from sound analysis, and communicating effectively are vital. Aligning an organization’s goals and objectives with its resources is fundamental. EGI has provided these services on projects in the United States, Western Europe, and in countries and regions that have more challenging business environments, such as Russia and China.

Client examples are available on request.



Providing ongoing advice and assistance to executives who are leading organizations in the United States and abroad. 

The Eisenhower Strategy Forum

Offering client engagement opportunities for strategic leaders to develop collective action plans, forge new alliances, or engage their opposition.

Eisenhower Strategic Leadership

Developing leaders through interactive lectures, coaching and/or experiential learning opportunities.


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