Our Times Photo Gallery V2

A photo gallery of historic images through contemporary times, as featured in Susan Eisenhower’s commentary.

I am pictured here with Carole Brookins, the indispensable leader of The First Alliance Foundation, who did so much to make the 75th anniversary of D-Day not just a lasting memory, but one that deepened the relationships and ties between the US and French militaries. We are laying wreaths at the Eisenhower Statue in Bayeux,  not far from the Normandy coastline. 
A photo by Susan Esenhower of the Normandy beaches taken from a Black Hawk helicopter on June 6, 2019.
(From left) Elizabeth Dole, former Senator from North Carolina (2003-2009), Secretary of Labor (1989-1990), Secretary of Transportation (1983-1987) and wife of Senator Bob Dole; Senator Bob Dole; and Susan Eisenhower. Photo taken in Normandy, France, 2009.
Susan Eisenhower with Secretary George Shultz at MIT’s Energy Initiative Board meeting. October 2019
Susan Eisenhower and Senator Bob Dole in Normandy, France, 2009.
Susan Eisenhower with Senators Dole and Warner. World War II Foundation event 2019.
Mamie as a teenager.
State Dinner at the White House on Queen Elizabeth II’s first visit to the United States. October 17, 1958. She stayed overnight on the second floor of the mansion in the presidential private apartments.
Mamie and Ike on their wedding day, July 1, 1916.
Mamie on her 80th birthday.
Ike and Mamie after World War II.

Photo taken by Susan Eisenhower on a walk along the beach in Maine during the wintertime.
Portland Head Light, Fort Williams Park, Maine.
Photo taken by Susan Eisenhower on a walk along the beach in Maine during the wintertime.

Former Prime Minister Harold Wilson and Susan Eisenhower take a close look at Dwight Eisenhower’s painting of another British prime minister, Winston Churchill.
NTI’s board meeting in 2002. From Left, Charles Curtis, Rolf Ekeus, Susan Eisenhower, Senator Pete Domenici, Senator Richard Lugar, Ted Turner, Senator Sam Nunn, General Eugene Habiger, Jessica Mathews, Secretary of Defense William Perry, and Andrei Kokoshin
Ike and Mamie Eisenhower with their first son Doud (“Icky”) Dwight Eisenhower.
The Eisenhower Memorial, Washington, DC
Doud (“Icky”) Dwight Eisenhower at the age of three, shortly before his death in 1921.