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In Search of a Moderate Middle

The sun came out last week and the clear fresh air was a balm for the soul. This sense of possibility, however, evaporated as soon as I was done with the newspapers. Mass shootings, epic floods, an unrelenting plague and now legitimized vigilantism in Texas’s new pro-life legislation left me to ask: where is the pony in all this? The pessimism that courses through each line on the op-ed pages leaves one with a sense of powerlessness—a feeling of being trapped in rising waters, while waiting for the worst still to come.


An Old Remedy for a New Era

During World War II, even during the most dangerous and bloody periods of the fighting, people understood the critical importance of relaxation and fun.

The Unnecessary Crisis in Afghanistan

President Biden’s handling of Donald Trump’s flawed peace deal with the Taliban illustrates the bi-partisan nature of our country’s foreign policy crisis.

America at a Turning Point

The current debacle in Afghanistan, the deep divisions in the United States and the continuing COVID-19 crisis have found the United States at a turning point. Greater emphasis must be placed on developing leaders and renewing a focus on sustainable

The Sounds of Silence

I sat, uninterrupted, for what turned out to be hours, reading a book written long ago. During that time, I got the closest I have come, in these last ten months, to a sense of peace.


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