Discussing leadership and national unity with Martha MacCallum on ‘The Story’

Yesterday, I appeared as a guest panelist on Fox’s The Story with Martha MacCallum to discuss the deep political divisions in our country. View the link to hear more of this discussion and read the accompanying article. I made the point that our current turmoil is a national security issue and our leaders must place national unity among our highest priorities.

Watch the interview

Martha MacCallum, Trey Gowdy, Susan Eisenhower, and Juan Williams on The Story
Appearing as a guest panelist on The Story with Martha MacCallum, July 30, 2020

Read the article

Susan Eisenhower calls on US leaders to “unify this country,” says division is a “national security issue”

6 thoughts on “Discussing leadership and national unity with Martha MacCallum on ‘The Story’

  1. Thank you for this! Hope to be in touch properly when Churchill Archives reopen in October and I can finally get to start my book on Churchill and your grandfather. Rooting for you in these strange times! Christopher (Catherwood)

  2. What a magnificently positive show! What a tonic in such polarised times! And so true what was said! Being British I can be friends with Democrats and Republicans but so many of them hate each other! So what a refreshing contrast to see something as wholesome as this! And of course I naturally agreed with everything that Susan said.

  3. Thank You for such a Superb perspective. HOPE !!! As soon as CoVid is defeated, I so want to bring you to our Theater for an “Evening with SE” It was greatly motivating to see/hear your eloquent remarks 🙂 Blessings and THANKS

  4. In a tough situation my father being a WW-2 veteran could often be heard mumbling “What would Ike do” as his opponent had 1st & 10 at his goal line. Thought this was a beautiful appearance Susan and nice to see an honest smile. You prove that there still are steady people around yet often ask what happen to them? US leadership over the past 60 years has waned in its competency. The US like a juicy red apple has disappear before our eyes, dehydrated and infested by actors and bad actors. The say the top universities are\have been training tomorrows leaders yet all we get is those chasing immense wealth & power while the public being 10th concern.
    Hope to see you again soon Susan.

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